Guest Post: Larina Kase Interior Design

"I was just looking over the photographs in my portfolio that Aliza took for me. With all of my designs I am inspired by the words, "fresh," and, "comfortable." My biggest goal is for people to be happy in their spaces. I just love how Aliza captured that fresh clean look with her photographs. I think that it's a combination of her straight camera angles, use of lighting, ability to capture color in natural light, and combination of expansive shots with detailed shots. 

Her approach is also fresh because she'll find interesting compositions that I would never have thought of, and they work so nicely. For example, this image with the limes and green leaves is such a unique approach, and I love how she focused on the colors and patterns.

I imagine that at as a photographer it would be difficult to collaborate with other artists because each person has her or his own unique vision. I've never found this challenge with Aliza because she has such a warm personality and because I respect her style so much. She also took my headshots and I felt like I could be myself and show my personality because she's so comfortable to be around. I also liked how she gave me direction and I could just relax and leave it to her since she had so much knowledge and was invested in making me look good! 

Looking at the images Aliza took make me feel happy, and I really feel that Aliza was able to capture my style in design and personality in her interior design photographs. What do you think?"

Larina Kase is an award-winning interior designer serving Philadelphia and the western suburbs. Visit her web site at