Guest Post: Debbie & Family

"We worked with Aliza for a family shoot when our son was 9 months old. Our son is one of those babies that is always on the move. He has a heart-melting smile, but will not smile on command, and hates to sit still. I was very apprehensive going into the shoot, thinking we probably should have done this before he started crawling. But afterwards I was beyond impressed with how many wonderful shots Aliza managed to capture of him, and us. While we would be quickly frazzled by him crawling out of a "pose", her energy was focused the entire time. She had props prepared to captivate his attention and was quick with her camera to catch him every time. Aliza was patient and we never felt rushed throughout the shoot. When we received our gallery from Aliza, it was hard to choose which photos to print as there were so many striking shots. When we finally decided and printed several photos, they were the first ones (and still the only ones!) to be hung on our walls in the 5 years we had lived in our home."

"I was also able to use one of the photos as a professional headshot, which was a great bonus. Aliza has a talent for headshots and adding just the right amount of drama to elevate any person in front of her lens."