Guest Post: Cathy and Her Family

"It's been almost two years since Aliza first took photos of my family. We first met when my parents were bringing my 93 year old grandmother to Philadelphia for my daughter's kindergarten graduation, and with a new baby girl at the time, it was the perfect opportunity to capture some special photos of the four generations at our home. The pictures she took of the four generations, and of my two daughters together, are among some of my favorite photos.

Last year Aliza took studio portraits of me and my girls, and even my Westie dog Humphrey. We started with photos of my older daughter and I together, which was such a treat to have this special mommy daughter time. We brought a bunch of clothes and accessories, and Aliza made us both feel at ease as we were posing and changing outfits. When the baby joined the photo shoot, Millie kept us all on our toes as she did not stop moving! I adore the photos of the girls, and of Millie by herself. But I wish we had a video that could show what it took to get these photos. Ha! The baby kept moving back and forth between the stools, so Abby had to follow her, and the dog was probably barking and all the while Aliza stayed so calm and snapped away on her camera! 

This past summer we moved to Pittsburgh and I'm trying to figure out a time to come back to Philly. I'd love to have Aliza to take some headshot photos that I can use for my freelance business. Aliza has always been fantastic to work with, she's so sweet and talented. I love following her photography journey on FaceBook.

Oh - and I just remembered another favorite photo - of Abby twirling in her dress with a big scarf in her hands. It perfectly captured Abby's spirit and was so fun for Abby too."