Chase Merriweather

I was so honored when American Profile's Community Table magazine asked me to photograph Chase Merriweather and his parents for their upcoming article about this amazing local 8 year old boy. The three of them are so sweet, open, kind; I was astounded by their story and resilience, and could have spent many more hours with them. 

"In 2015, the Merriweathers started Chase Ur Dream, a nonprofit organization that, with help from the Challenged Athletes Foundation, Camp No Limits and NFL football's Philadelphia Eagles, raises money through community fundraising events and auctions. They've already funded tens of thousands in grants to families.

"Families apply for a grant to support a physical need, like a prosthetic, or something intangible like camps or training," Chis says. ""We also know it's important to be a resource for emotional support. We think about what tools we could have had to help us connect the dots. We want people to be able to use us as a sounding board.""

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